Friday, August 7, 2009

Legs of the Month: Caleb Lane

This handsome American model has really beautiful physique. This is certainly not the type of guy who wants his muscles to be as huge as possible. He just takes care about his body to some reasonable extent and it can be observed easily - his chest and arms are beautifully shaped. However, at the beginning of his carrier (two pictures below) his legs seemed a bit neglected. They were nice but perhaps a little bit too skinny, especially the calves. But as the shape of your calves is very often genetically determined, you can't blame him.

And now look at the picture below. This is one of the most recent photos of Caleb Lane. His legs are so hot in this picture, aren't they? He must have been working on them pretty much. They are perfect! Great work, Caleb!

That's not the end of the leg-hotness. These three high-quality pictures will let you take a closer look at his legs, centimeter by centimeter. I love his lightly hairy calves. The rear view in the last photo is also mouth-watering. Enjoy!

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Tex said...

Wow!!! He definitely worked on the legs. Beautiful. Thanks for the pics.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he just gets better........the rear view is the piece de resistance! Ben

Leg-fan said...

I'm glad you like our Legs of the Month:)

Jill said...

The runway pictures are - wow - when you click on them to view full size - oooooooh!