Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let's choose LEGS OF THE YEAR 2009!

Hey Guys!

The New Year has come but let's not forget about all the hot "Legs of the Month" that we admired over the whole past year.

It's high time to choose
Legs of the Year 2009!

Whose legs deserve to be considered the hottest? It's up to you! Below you can see all the guys from the year 2009. Click on each picture in order to examine all those hot legs once again! And then - please vote in the survey.

Additionally, be prepared for some new hot guys that are going to delight you with their mouth-watering legs. The first "Legs of the Month" in the New Year are going to arrive here in one week. Stay tuned:)

Happy New Legs Year!

Juan Alfonso Baptista

Kris Kranz

Novak Djokovic

Manuel Traxler

Rob Pacicca

Apolo Ohno

Caleb Lane

Marcus Schenkenberg

Colin Farrell

Ryan Lebar

Reynaldo Gianecchini

And now go up the page and vote :-)


legman said...

Looking at all these has just left me so horny!

Jared Orlin said...

Caleb Lane gets my vote!

Jill said...

Oh that's a tough choice! They're all lovely, but I've decided to go for Manuel Traxler's - on the grounds of them looking so strokeable ;)

Anonymous said...

Come on everyone, I can't imagine why there aren't more votes for Marcus!! Just look at photos #4,5,8 and 9 under his section. He is a work of art.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's a tough decision between Rob Pacicca and Reynaldo Gianeccini.
These guys have the best legs of them all. But that's my personal taste.

Damn! it's hard to chose XD

Anonymous said...

一起加油吧 ..................................................

Rex said...

amazing legs!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Reynaldo has a nice face and also legs, ok all body :), but Apolo Ohno has obviously the best legs from this set....and should win.
At least he deserve another set of pic in future.

Anonymous said...

Manuel Traxler!!!!!