Thursday, March 25, 2010

ceLEGrities: Backstreet Boys

There are countless pictures of shirtless celebrities in the Internet... Some shirtless photos of famous guys are sexy indeed. However, in my opinion, the hottest photos are these, which enable us to see the celebrities' legs. The best compromise is of course a picture of a famous man only in shorts. I appreciate such pictures the most!

Although I have never been a fan of Backstreet Boys' music, I have always liked the guys themselves, especially at the beginning of their career. Well, frankly speaking, I don't think they are smoking hot, but I certainly find them handsome. Needless to say, I think the pictures below are the hottest ones from their whole career! OK, I'm changing my mind: Backstreet Boys in shorts or with their pants down ARE smoking hot!

The photo above comes from a photoshoot to one of the Rolling Stone issues. It was taken in the early years of Backstreet Boys' career (from left: AJ, Nick, Kevin, Brian, Howie).

This photo is probably even older than the previous one. It's ALMOST perfect... Why didn't AJ put the shorts on?!

Another photo of Backstreet boys in shorts... Look how different their legs are!

Last but not least, one of the latest pictures of Backstreet Boys (Kevin is no longer a member of the group). They should certainly wear shorts on all of their photoshoots!

What do you think? Which of the Backstreet LEGS are the hottest?


Anonymous said...

AJ has the skinniest, and had a broken leg during one of their early tours--maybe that picture of him in long pants was during that tour.

Nick has the SEXIEST legs of all. Long, muscular gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Nick and Brian have always been my faves!

Duba said...

mmmm i must send you some pool photos of em

Leg-fan said...

Thank you for the comments! Duba, you know I will appreciate every photo of Backstreet Boys showing their legs:)

VASSIJLI said...


Anonymous said...

I love all the photo's but mostly the 2nd one and the last one. I agree they should have worn shorts in all their photo's. I never was a big fan either so I don't know all their names, but I love the one with the guys shirt off. "Yummy!"