Friday, March 5, 2010

LEGS OF THE YEAR 2009: results of the contest!

The time has come to announce the results of the "Legs of the Year 2009" contest!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner is...

Apolo Ohno

According to almost one third of the voters, it's Apolo who has the most beautiful legs of all the 11 guys presented in the "Legs of the Month" sections last year. He got 595 votes (32,2% of the voters).

The 2nd position belongs to...

Kris Kranz

What is noteworhy, is an intense rivalry that could be observed between Kris Kranz and Apolo Ohno. At the beginning it was Kris Kranz who was gaining an advantage. However, perhaps due to the Olympics rush, Apolo Ohno turned out to be more popular in the end. Eventually, Kris Kranz got 317 votes (17%). Well, both guys have amazing legs so definitely both of them deserve to stand on the podium.

And finally, the 3rd place is taken by...

Reynaldo Gianecchini

The sexy and hairy legs of this handsome actor got 190 votes (10,3%). Below you can find out who took the rest of the places:

4. Rob Pacicca - 162 votes (8,8%)

5. Novak Djokovic - 122 votes (6,6%)

6. Colin Farrell - 94 votes (5,1%)

7. Manuel Traxler - 79 votes (4,3%)

8. Juan Alfonso Baptista - 77 votes (4,2%)

9. Ryan Lebar - 75 votes (4,1%)

10. Marcus Schenkenberg - 70 votes (3,8%)

11. Caleb Lane - 68 votes (3,7%)

That's how the survey looked after closing:

Thank you so much for voting!

I hope you will like all the "Legs of the Month" that are going to be presented this year...


Jill said...

All very worthy winners!

Anonymous said...

they all have hot legs...but Reynaldo is still my favourite :P

bubble said...

Should've been Kris Kranz. His thighs look deadly hot...

simonlover said...

Agree with Jill! All of them have super hot legs! Yummylicious indeed!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

More legs please!!But no nudity.Be in short shorts,swimming trunks,briefs,with a matching top or topless.