Sunday, April 18, 2010

Results of the survey

In the latest survey I asked you about your favourite colour of hair on male legs. Blonde, brown or black - which colour do you find the sexiest? Or perhaps you don't like hairy legs at all? Let's see how you voted!

It turned out that the majority of you love BLONDE hair on male legs - as many as 34% of you voted for this colour.

Number of people loving BROWN leg hair is substantial as well - 29% of the voters belong to this group.

Furthemore, 25% of the voters find it the hottest when male legs are covered with BLACK hair.

Finally, 12% of the voters prefer SMOOTH LEGS.

Thank you very much for voting!


Chemokiki said...

Great sexy fun! Can ANYBODY please tell me the name of the lengthy lean brunette in bed in picture #5?
My pillow needs a name when I kiss it goodnight. Sad I know... but please!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post. And the order of colors is just perfect for my taste.

Leg-fan said...

Thank you for the comments! Chemokiki, I don't know the name of the guy you wrote about. The only names I know are:
pic #2 in brown hair: Jeremy East
pic #3 in brown hair: Nick Braso
pic #2 in smooth legs: Carlos Freire

I hope that someone will help us with that sexy guy in bed.

JayDee said...

All are very hot, especially the smooth legged boys....yum!!

Anonymous said...

I still think brown leg hair is hottest. :P

Legman said...

I voted for blonde as best, but after seeing these pictures you've posted, I have to admit I just love men's legs full stop! These guys are all so horny, especially Jeremy East and Nick Braso. Yummy!

Chemokiki said...

Well, I'll just have to FORCE myself to come back here again and again to see if someone knows who HE is!

Maybe I should offer a reward?
C'mon you Hot Male Legs fans!
Somebody's got to know!

JM said...

Wish I could have voted but just signed up for this blog. I vote for brown or black hair. I like darker hair on legs, especially on Latino men. Very sexy!

Robert Whittington said...

NEXT Election day OCT 6 2011

Robert Whittington said...

NEXT Election day OCTOBER 6 2011

MaxBeller said...

A good place to go if furry blonde legs turn youn on!