Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ceLEGrities: musicians

Why don't we see some famous legs? This time let's take a look at famous musicians who began their careers in 90's.

Robbie Williams

Ricky Martin


Enrique Iglesias

Justin Timberlake


Anonymous said...

First Pic: Unsexy legs
Second Pic: Unsexy legs
Third Pic: Sexy legs
Fourth Pic:Sexy Legs
Fifth Pic: Sexy legs

Duba said...

I don't like pop but now I see why it's so hot :)

D said...

Sorry but I like all these legs especially number 1! And JT MMMMMMM

Legman said...

YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM - Robbie Williams....very, very, nice pic. I've had a soft-spot (well, actually a hard spot) for Robbie's body ever since his boy-band days, and I LOVE his legs in this post!

Jayd said...

Legman I agree 100%... a definate HARD SPOT!! Every one hot legs except Enrique.. his legs are a bit to skinney, nice torso though!

Gossip Guy said...

Love Ricky Martin's legs.

Have you ever checked out Winsor Harmon from The Bold and The Beautiful's legs? He cycles a lot...

Leg-fan said...

Thanks for the comments! Gossip Guy, I have never checked Winsor's legs but I'll do it. Thanks for your suggestion. As for The Bold and the Beautiful, please check Brandon Beemer's legs (April's legs of the month). I hope you will like them:)