Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Legs of the Month: Antonio Anuk (part one)

When I look at male legs, I usually examine them in terms of two features. To be precise, I check whether they are hairy and muscled (don't get me wrong, smooth and skinny legs can be sexy as well). However, there is also third feature of male legs that always delights me, namely flexibility. I have always admired guys who can do the splits or put their legs behind the head. It is obvious, that Antonio Anuk's legs fulfil all the three above-mentioned criteria. Who is Antonio? This is 26-year-old Italian breakdance world champion. He is very fit and handsome but in my opinion it's his flexibility that makes him exceptionally hot. Just see what he can do with his beautiful legs!

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Alex said...

Wow Leg-fan, this is a fantastic post. So many pics of that gorgeous hunk Antonio. Superb legs! Got a bit dizzy from all those mirrors though ;-)

Legman said...

He's a great looking guy - and so pliable.... Jill would have difficulty keeping him still on her massage table! The "smoking" picture, although camper than I usually like, is remarkably sexy!

Jayd said...

He has extremely hot legs... however, I dont like his face...

Legman said...

.... I wasn't looking at his face!

Jill said...

LOL about the massage table! Hehe!

Just imagine all the interesting positions he can get into ;)

Anonymous said...

OH BOY the things i would do with that man!

corve said...

Very hot

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap, Wow! I just don't know what to say, "Amazingly HOT!"

Anonymous said...

oh my..he deserves far more than legs of the month...he is AMAZING.