Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Legs of the Month : Gael Garcia Bernal (part one)

Gael Garcia Bernal is one of my favourite actors. Generally speaking I like this famous Mexican for two reasons. The first one is his skills. I always find him very convincing regardless of the role he plays. The second reason is his cute and extraordinary look. Perhaps he is not a typical macho man but, in my humble opinion, he is one of the best-looking actors. I love the fact that he has shown his legs in so many films! And his legs are definitely beautiful! Let's take a look at them...

In the film "Rudo y Cursi" he wore nice orange shorts which revealed his shapely calves...

There were a few hot scenes in the film "Bad Education", for example the one with Gael jumping into the swimming pool. In this scene we could admire both his calves and thighs.

In the film "Deficit" he wore a sexy vest and perfect black shorts. Great combination, isn't it?

In the film "And Your Mother Too" there were plenty of scenes with Gael showing his legs. Here are some of them:

In the film "The Science of Sleep" Gael didn't show his legs too much. In fact we could see them very well in only one scene:

Here comes the dessert: some paparazzi photos. This set of high-quality pictures is simply a must-see! I must admit that I love the hair on his calves!

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Anonymous said...


Jayd said...

Hot legs. However, a tad on the short side. I want to look into his when I kiss him... I am 1.94m.

Alex said...

No. Not that fond of Gael. Doesn't do it for me.

@Jayd: wanna look into his what...??? :-P

Jayd said...

Haha, Oops. Eyes!!