Friday, August 20, 2010

ceLEGrities: tennis

Tennis... One of the hottest sports! Why? Just think about all those gorgeous calves running and flexing... I've chosen eight famous tennis players for you... They come from different countries, they have different skills and different playing techniques... What do they have in common? HOT LEGS!

Rafael Nadal (Spain)

Roger Federer (Switzerland)

Feliciano Lopez (Spain)

Andy Roddick (USA)

David Ferrer (Spain)

Jurgen Melzer (Austria)

Andy Murray (United Kingdom)

Lleyton Hewitt (Australia)

Whose legs do you like the most?

Don't forget to visit Novak Djokovic! This sexy Serbian tennis player was presented in Legs of the Month section in April 2009!


Legman said...

O-M-G Leg-Fan!!!!! Tennis Players have legs to die for, don't they? Feliciano Lopez, David Ferrer and Andy Roddick do it for me - but they all make me rather moist!

Anonymous said...

In this particular order:

1.Ferrer - one of the hottest pair of legs I ever saw

Anonymous said...

Congrats bro, one of the better post! Just amazing calves!

Anonymous said...

How could you miss Tomas Berdych? He has beautiful legs.

Anonymous said...

the best collection ever (personal opinion)

JayD said...

8 very hot pairs of legs....However, Rafael Nadal just does it for me!!!! Go Spain!

D said...

Very hot! Ferrer and Roddick for me! SO hot! Thanks for the post!

JamTheCat said...

Lleyton Hewitt has the perfect legs, followed by Rafael Nadal. They leave the rest in the dust...or clay.

Leg-fan said...

Hi guys! I'm really happy to see that you like those beautiful calves as well:) I could watch tennis matches all day long just for this reason!

Elonna said...

I need to learn to appreciate tennis more, don't I? Beautiful legs, all of them! Thank you.