Monday, August 9, 2010

Legs of the Month: Rodrigo Calazans (part two)

It's time for the second trip to hot Brazil! Obviously I don't mean the weather. Enjoy these mouth-watering photos of Rodrigo Calazans, especially the high-quality catwalk pictures.

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Corve DaCosta said...


D said...


Anonymous said...

OMG! amazing legs and hot feet to go with them! NICE POST, BUD!

Anonymous said...

oh. my. God!

Legman said...

He must be the sexiest thing on legs! Leg-Fan, thank you SO much!

Maurice said...


Anonymous said...

Totally beautiferous... what a hunk!

Anonymous said...

Love the Calves! This is what keeps me comin' back to this site for more and more...keep those calves a walkin'!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good lord, I think those are the most gorgeous legs I've seen yet ever on here or anywhere...the very definition of hot, sexy, and shapely.......they are beyond perfect.....I want to possess them.....thank you for this moutwatering treat. OMG is right all right. Please find more of him if can.

Anonymous said...

umm ok its been 2 days...... give us some more legs......

Legman said...

Anon's being greedy - Rodrigo's helped me take myself in hand more than enough this week.... but I never say no to more legs. More of Rodrigo, please Leg-Fan?

Leg-fan said...

Hey guys, I would love to post even more pictures of Rodrigo but these are all the pictures I've managed to gather (all the leg pictures of course). If I find more photos of Rodrigo in the future, I'm sure he will return to this blog in order to show his sexy legs once again. I'm very happy that you enjoyed these two parts of Rodrigo's leg-show. Thank you!

JayD said...

This guy is what all men should look like.....Gorgeous all over!!!


Anonymous said...

Shopping cart dude is the bomb!

Anonymous said...

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