Saturday, October 9, 2010

Legs of the Month: Justin Hartley

In my humble opinion, Justin Hartley is one of the hottest actors ever! No wonder that he played a role of a superhero in two series: "Aquaman" and "Smallville". Inevitably, with his beautiful shapely calves, he has also become a superhero of the Legs of the Month series!

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Legman said...

Nice calves - but would love to get a glimpse of his thighs too.

Leg-fan said...

Hi Legman, I would love to see his thighs as well but couldn't find such pictures...

D said...

Very hot legs! We need more pics lol!

Alex said...

Nah, not for me... Too blond, a bit skinny and his knees seem a bit weird. But I'm still drooling over Eli Roth's thighs and calves (Legs of the Month sep 2010)

JayD said...

Overall hot body! Not crazy about his face!

dumas said...

"...his beautiful shapely calves..."
There could not be a better description..

Anonymous said...

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