Monday, November 22, 2010

ceLEGrities: Baywatch

Baywatch... One of the hottest series ever! Handsome lifeguards with beautiful bodies and shapely legs... As a teenager I was obssessed with these guys and with the fact that they always wore shorts. Mmmmm...those sexy red shorts... Each episode was full of amazing male legs! Here are the photos of those sexy lifeguards. Some of the pictures are newer and some of them come from the Baywatch times... Enjoy!

David Chokachi (Cody)

Michael Bergin (J.D.)

Jeremy Jackson (Hobie)

David Charvet (Matt)


Anonymous said...

my favorite: michael bergin!

Anonymous said...

David Charvet and Michael Bergin were definatlely my faves on Babe Watch.
Michael really seems to love showing off his body, that's for sure! And frankly, he has the best legs.

Anonymous said...

David Charvet and David Chokachi :) Dark and Blond ;)

Anonymous said...

I loved that show! Now that I'm older I understand why. LOL! Love the hot guys and hot legs.


Anonymous said...

Yes, that was a great show! While most we're excited about Pamela, I had the hot guys on my mind. Guess what that makes me?!

Anonymous said...

David Chokachi y Michael Bergin: Dos Apolos con los que poder disfrutar hasta agotarlos. Disfrutar de los impresionantes pies de Bergin, mientras Chokachi me mantenía bien penetrado. Después, sería Bergin quién me penetraría mientras yo disfrutaba pellizcando y mordiendo el pecho y los pezones de Chokachi.