Saturday, November 6, 2010

Legs of the Month: Andy Roddick (part one)

A tennis court is a real paradise for leg-lovers! No matter who is playing, there are always some beautiful calves to admire. I have to admit, that in my case those amazing calves can be the sole reason for watching tennis matches. In my opinion, one of the hottest tennis players ever is Andy Roddick. Not only does he have exceptional skills but, above all, he is very good-looking. Handsome man with beautiful physique, sweet smile, and strong, shapely calves. What more could you ask for? I must admit that Andy Roddick drew my attention at the beginning of his career. It was a great pleasure to see how a cute teenager with somewhat skinny (but already very sexy!) legs was turning into a handsome young man with strong muscled calves. And now let's admire those marvellous legs together...

Apparently his legs are flexible too!

Last but not least: three pictures from the beginning of his career.

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D said...

Very hot post! Thanks Leg-Fan! I have always thought Andy had hot legs and was exceptionally good looking! You just confirmed again why I love your blog! He is so hot and his legs look like they need to be wrapped around me! I call this one guys!

Anonymous said...

Hot legs plus some pretty funny faces...good post!

Legman said...

D - "Doh!" - I just got here too late! I agree with D., he really has got hot legs, and is exceptionally good-looking. Fantastic thighs! I'll just have to view from afar while D has his way with him!

Alex said...

Thx very much, Leg-fan, for this hot post. Andy's been one of my favourite tennis players for years!
@Legman: it's a shame that Andy hardly ever shows us his muscular thighs... Again: get rid of the long shorts!

Legman said...

Exactly, Alex! Let's start a campaign - "Down with Long Shorts"!

Legman said...

.... and thanks, Leg-Fan, for some great pics of his muscular and well-formed thighs. He is a stunner!

Anonymous said...

Wow amazing! You can definitely see the difference as he's become a little older and more muscular, very HOT!

Robert Whittington said...

Andy Rodick please let me do what ever too your lovelly barefeet.

Andy Rodick has nice hairy legs.

Anonymous said...

I agree tennis players have hot calves.
Please give us more muscular calves.