Sunday, February 27, 2011


The beauty of male legs can be promoted not only through photographs. How about watching a video? Let's meet Apolo Ohno again! As some of you may remember, he won our "Legs of the Year" contest in 2009. I hope you still like his legs! You have a chance to admire them at the beginning of the video as well as in the second half of it, where he is working out in sexy red shorts. I hope you will enjoy our legTV!

Some stills from the video:


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Anonymous said...

Apolo Ohno has some sweet legs! He's cute too. Does anyone know if he's gay or straight? :-)

Anonymous said...

What an awesome leg workout. Apolo is so cute and such great legs with that natural tanned skin, just beautiful. I envy those legs! He's got to be gay. ;-)