Saturday, August 6, 2011

Legs of the Month: Joseph Sayers (part one)

Although it is believed that nobody is perfect, I am convinced that Joseph Sayers is really close to perfection. But could his body be any hotter? Each of his muscles is a masterpiece and his legs are... well, no words will express their beauty! Hairy, muscled and extremely masculine... Simply breath-taking!

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D said...

Wow great pics! His legs are breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

I wish he would smile every so often!

Lez Hard said...

This guy is so "désirable" !

Anonymous said...

Michael I agree with you on this guy... whatta knockout. I love the 8th pic down with him flexing his calf.

Anonymous said...

My ex boyfriend's resemblance to JSayers just freaks me out. Facial structure, height and build are all so near identical. I have mix feelings about this, but the guy is hot :P.

Alex said...

Could you warn us up front when you're gonna show part 2? Might prevent me from fainting again... This guy's HOT!

Legman said...

Me too, Alex! Joseph Sayers has got me very hot, very stiff, and very bothered!

Anonymous said...

Amazing set of pictures. Those pics of him flexing his perfect calves especially drive me wild. Great find Michael!

Mark Von Grimm said...

Really Hot!!

JayD said...

HOT as Fuck!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There are full frontal nudes of Joseph Sayers if you look for them. I do love a model who isn't afraid of showing everything!

He's actually fairly short for being a model, but he has had great success. And yes, his body is to die for!

Legman said...

Anon - how right you are! ... and although he may be short in stature for being a model, he's certainly not short in other ways!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Legman, you gotta remember that it looks big, only cause he's so small! LOL. Don't get me wrong, he's fucking delicious, but it's just probably an average 6in - 6.5in! Shoot, I don't mind, I'd hop on that thing in a second! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I heard a terrible story that Joseph Sayers was badly beaten in a bar fight, more like he was jumped by a few guys outside a bar. They believe it was his ex-boyfriend having hired thigs to beat him up after an ugly breakup. I was told that they broke both of his legs, above and below the kneecaps. I cannot imagine those beautiful legs being smashed,

Anonymous said...

Supposedly his ex-boyfriend used a real-time camera to spy on Joseph, who was seeing another guy. The ex-boyfriend watched this new guy worship and lick both of Joseph's legs, from his ankles to his hips, front back and sides. It was a daily routine (pant, pant). So the ex had Joseph's legs fractured. Odd how the mind works.