Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Legs of the Month: Joseph Sayers (part two)

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February: Juan Alfonso Baptista
March: Kris Kranz
April: Novak Djokovic - part I , part II
May: Manuel Traxler
June: Rob Pacicca
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January: Ellis McCreadie
February: David Beckham - part I, part II
March: Raphael Lacchine
April: Brandon Beemer
May: Chad White - part I, part II
June: Antonio Anuk - part I , part II
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August: Rodrigo Calazans - part I , part II
September: Eli Roth
October: Justin Hartley
November: Andy Roddick - part I , part II
December: Benjamin Godfre - part I , part II


January: Jake Pavelka - part I , part II
February: Marian Dragulescu - part I , part II
March: DW Chase - part I , part II
April: David Ferrer - part I , part II
May: Maxwell Zagorski - part I , part II
June: Bojan Krkic
July: Mikus Lasmanis

6 comments: said...

I agree, he is so damn sexy!

D said...

Never disappoints! Thanks for this smoking post!

Anonymous said...

He's so perfectly proportioned and has so many different looks... very hot!
Also - kudos to the photographer for using so many unique poses and settings.

Alex said...

Yep. I fainted. No warning up front Michael... Thx for this awesome post. I know who's gonna win 'legs of the year 2011'!

Anonymous said...

Incredible photo set. Thanks!!!

Jill said...

Wonderful post, he's got the most superb physique - and gorgeous legs! ;)