Saturday, September 17, 2011

Legs of the Month: Jakub Zelman

Jakub Zelman is a very handsome model from Slovakia. Actually every part of his body is extremely attractive. However, not surprisingly, it's his legs that make me admire Jakub so much! Jakub's legs are hairy and muscled. I particularly love the distincitive shape of his calves, which are beautifully highlighted when Jakub is wearing shorts. I wonder whether he runs a lot or perhaps calf muscles have a crucial place in his workout routine.

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Anonymous said...

This guy does have exceptional calves.. not to mention he's really cute!
More pretty calves please ;)

Anonymous said...

Calves are my favorite legs part and here I find extraordinaire beauty. Jakub has ideal calfs hair and shape and skin color, my god!

Thank u so much for the post!!

Anonymous said...

Second pic from the last is my favorite. I think Jakub is just naturally endowed with superb calves. I've seen guys with calves like his, and they do not work out that part of their body any more than they do other parts.

Anonymous said...

just masturbate to these pictures

Anonymous said...

Calf Implants... you can be as endowed as you wish, but no one gets calf like that by not working out their ENTIRE body. He is too skinny to have those naturally.

Anonymous said...

just hott.