Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Double hotness

The guy on the right in the third picture is Ryan Daharsh, an American model. To see the previous pictures of him, click here (pic #1), here (pic #1), here (pic #3), here (pic #3), here (pic #1), and here (pic #1).


Anonymous said...

No.1 features Doug Porter on the left and Aaron O'Connell on the right. Both are ultra hot models, and there are plenty of photos of them on the net. They both get tons of work, and there are nudes available if you search enough. Aaron in particular has the best ass on the net.

Although both are extremely hot, I give Aaron the edge because his legs have a bit of hair on them and are bit more proportional. But that's just me being nitpicky -- I'll glad feel up either pair!

Anonymous said...

Pic #3 gets my vote for their legs.

Pat said...

Since we're voting here, and since the focus on this site is the lower extremities, I'll side with Anon and choose Aaron O'Connell based on his overall build + the better adorned legs. Porter has more hair above the waist, so I guess the lack of chest hair on Aaron may be a function of the razor? If so, too bad.

Nothing wrong with the guys in #3, though. Both lean, handsome and well-muscled.