Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Legs & cars


Anonymous said...

I love men and I love cars! Super hot!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for this post.... sexy sexy sexy.
#1. Hot legs and bonus on the perfect male feet.

#2. Awesome everything that was flexing!

#3. Super sexy thighs!

Pat said...

As a former Mustang owner, I gotta say that #2 is over the top handsome, based on everything visible here. No wasted body mass on this guy, to & including the glutei maximi.

#1 - OK legs & abs, and the feet are nice. However, the overall bod is smoother than I like, and he conveys a sense of dissipation. Then, too, the facial expression is ambiguous - is he about to smile, smirk or snarl?

#3 seems maybe tortured by something, if you look at his face. It would be one thing if he were taking his briefs off for me, or you, but no one else is visible in the scene. Sad in a way.

Anonymous said...

WTF,...is he trying to 'mount' the stickshift??? hehe