Thursday, November 10, 2011

Legs of the Month: Danny Saucedo

Danny Saucedo is a Swedish pop singer. I find him very cute and sexy. I have been interested in this guy for a few years. However, it's been only recently that I have become extremely passionate about him. It's mainly due to his stunning calves. It's amazing how well-developed they are! If I knew nothing about him, I would think he's a tennis or rugby player... or alternatively a gymnast! But he's a musician! Isn't it a marvellous coincidence that such a cute guy has such amazing calves? What is more, as you can see, he's fully aware of their beauty...

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Anonymous said...

Damn! I LOVE the calves!!! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Those are amazing calves!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The ninth pick down with him in those blue shorts is amazing... love the full legs and feet view.

Anonymous said...

Nice calves and feet in #9.

Man-uel said...

I think I just pre- came a little. Super hot calves!!!