Friday, January 6, 2012

Let's choose LEGS OF THE YEAR 2011!

It's time for the "Legs of the Year" contest! Who deserves to win this title? See the twelve candidates from the last year, think carefully, and vote in the above survey!

January: Jake Pavelka

February: Marian Dragulescu

March: DW Chase

April: David Ferrer

May: Maxwell Zagorski

June: Bojan Krkic

July: Mikus Lasmanis

August: Joseph Sayers

September: Jakub Zelman

October: Charlie Williams

November: Danny Saucedo

December: Pablo Morais


Anonymous said...

For me - Danny Saucedo - love his calves;);) ;)

Anonymous said...

Joseph Sayer is very ugly model with very big head and no little leg muscles - how can u all like him?)))

Legman said...

Charlie Williams - it has to be!

Anonymous said...

Bojan Krkic has the most amazing thighs (and the rest of him is great). Have a look

Anonymous said...

Pablo Morais gets my vote. Muscle definition is great.

Anonymous said...

Mikus is the winner for me...young hairy legs contrasts with his smooth tourso. Nice.